Our highways, industrial lands, cities, towns, buildings, houses, even vacation homes, eliminate nature. While derelict and underdeveloped commercial and industrial properties abound,  development on green land is often seen as  public good, “unstoppable” because of laws and promotion of the projects. If it has to be done at all, it can be done better — it can be influenced. We try to, and often do, make our homes and buildings beautiful – but we need to do more, by putting nature back in its place, so that our urban places are like sequins studded in great cloth of green. This world is what we need. And specifically, we need to create and allow environments to flourish, so that wild animals can traverse our urban landscapes in search of their own livelihoods.

What Rewilding is for you

“Rewilding” your property converts it from the look of traditional landscaping to one of native landscaping. It uses limited paving to create artfully natural meadows and gardens. It uses shrubs, trees, and climbing vegetation for shade and cooling of the garden and the dwelling. Garden water features (ponds and fountains) attract wildlife. It also provides ways to retain water for the garden or drain water naturally away from the dwelling. It replaces asphalt driveways with limited paving and lawn. This retains water, cools the area, and provides beauty and habitat to pollinators and humans alike.
With greater attraction for birds, it makes sense to prevent them from striking your windows – so Rewilding does that, too. We use bird-saving devices on your windows and glass balconies to minimally interrupt human views, while saying loud and clear to birds “this isn’t sky, so don’t fly!”

What we do

Rewilding is a hands-on consultancy that works with property owners and other landscaping companies. We design with beauty and biodiversity in mind, show up and do the work with you and others, and check back to observe and record, if possible, the results.

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