This page is a pictorial of a project I had long wanted to do: make my boring asphalt driveway into a green driveway where plants and moss can grow, and cool down the western front .

The project also included creating a rainwater catchment for my front yard garden, as the downspout from my roof empties on the driveway. This sends much-needed irrigation to my southwest-facing garden, prevents runoff to the street by letting water percolate into the green driveway, and reduces the urban heat island effect by retaining moisture and helping plants grow where formerly, it was very dry. The city sewers get next to no water from me, and I use little water from the city!

The project worked in five stages:

  1. Design,
  2. Excavation,
  3. Creating the rainwater catchment,
  4. Building the new driveway, and
  5. Adding the fill and finishing touches.

One happy outcome of this project was the number of comments and inquiries we received from passersby – including a landscape architect who specializes in golf courses. No one had seen a driveway quite like this before! If you would like to convert your driveway in a similar way, please contact us.